How do I fix a worm that affected my computer? Its long but

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How do I fix a worm that affected my computer? Its long but

Unread postby Mardor » Mon Feb 08, 2010 2:47 pm

I have two computers that I'm now having problems with. yesterday, my first computer shut down and said "RPC has been terminated". everytime I restart that computer, it gives me another 1:00 minute shut down warning. I know I need to change the settings of the RPC, but it shuts down before I can ever get to it. is there another way to fix this? The second computer messed up today. I was researching how to fix the other RPC problem and my computer shut down. when it rebooted, I now have "Internet security 2010" installed and I can't delete it. I had a similiar virus before and was able to manually delete the virus, but this one won't let me open task manager or the registry to delete it. it's even taken over my Internet and won't let me on. so I'm stuck trying to research problems on my iPhone. I read somewhere that if you can't get task manager to open that you need to wipe out your hard drive. I am wanting to do this but I can't find my reinstallation CD for this computer which is an emachines. however, I have the installation cd for the other computer with the RPC problem, but that computer is a Dell. can I install a Dell operating system on my emachines? they're both windows XP. hydroxycut reviews
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