Cartridge Storage

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Cartridge Storage

Unread postby rajeevmahura » Tue Aug 19, 2008 10:58 am

Storage Practices
• Store the data cartridge in its clear protective case when not in use
• Store vertically (do not stack)
Avoid moisture and direct sunlight
• Can deform cartridge and/or ruin media
Normal storage between use (non-archival)
• Between 61º F and 90º F (16º C and 32º C)
• Between 20% and 80% relative humidity
• Maximum wet bulb temperature 78º F (26º C)
Data archival storage (for one or more years)
• Between 64º F and 79º F (18º C and 26º C)
• Between 40% and 60% relative humidity
Media DO's and DON'Ts
• Store cartridges in their protective cases
• Handle cartridges with great care
• Store cartridges vertically
• Align cartridges so the grooves interlock
• Inspect cartridges prior to each use
• Unload cartridges prior to powering down the drive
• Allow a 24 hour conditioning period to the operating temperature and humidity before using new or stored cartridges.
Do Not
• Touch the media or leader with bare fingers
• Use pens or pencils during cartridge inspection
• Drop cartridge
• Stack cartridges horizontally
• Disassemble cartridges
• Use adhesive labels
• Ship cartridges in drive when possible
• Store near magnetic fields (e.g. speakers, monitors, electric motors, power supplies, etc.)
• Use a cartridge that fell from 3 ft or higher
• Take cartridge apart
• Ship cartridge in drive whenever possible
• Touch the magnetic tape or leader
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Re: Cartridge Storage

Unread postby tima83 » Sat Oct 04, 2008 5:49 pm

Hey Rajiv,

Thanks for the pre-cautions regarding the taking care of storage cartridge. But it seems all the pre-cautions for digital and Audio tape.

Could you please brief the same for LTO or Ultrium.

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