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Command Line Interface for Brocade Storage Switch

Unread postPosted: Fri Sep 26, 2008 5:53 pm
by rajeevmahura
Command Line Interface
The Fabric OS command line interface (accessed through either telnet or serial console) provides an administrator with full management capability of a Brocade switch. The Fabric OS CLI enables an administrator to monitor and manage entire fabrics, individual switches, and ports from a single workstation.
Below is a chart detailing common CLI commands:

Command Description
cfgClear Clears all zone configurations.

cfgDisable Disable a zone configuration.

cfgEnable Enables a zone configuration.

cfgSave Saves zone configuration to nonvolatile memory.

cfgShow Displays zone configuration information.

cfgDefault Resets a subset of configuration settings to their defaults.

configDownload Downloads a switch configuration file from a host system.

configShow Displays system configuration settings.

configUpload Creates a backup file of switch configuration information on a host workstation.

configure Modifies system configuration parameters.

errShow Displays the active or persistent error log with page breaks.

firmwareDownload Downloads switch firmware from a remote host or local directory.

firmwareShow Displays the Fabric OS versions on both partitions of the local and remote CPs.

ipAddrSet Sets the IP address details for a switch or control processor (CP).

ipAddrShow Display the IP address information for a switch or control processor (CP).

licenseShow Displays current license keys.

passwd Changes the password for a user level.

portDisable Disables a switch port.

portEnable Enables a switch port.

portErrShow Displays port error summary.

portLogShow Displays the port log.

portShow Displays port status.

reboot Reboots the switch.

supportShow Prints switch information for debugging purposes.

switchBeacon Sets switch beaconing mode on or off.

switchShow Displays switch and port status.

version Displays firmware version information.

wwn Displays a switch World Wide Name (WWN).

zoneShow Displays zone information.