Two New Products about a123rc battery

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Two New Products about a123rc battery

Unread postby thomas » Fri Dec 14, 2012 10:08 am

A123RC launched two new standard li-ion electric bike batteries. The 48V batteries come in 15 and 20 Ah options. Protected by A123RC patented thermal management technology, the two batteries are small and lightweight despite their high capacity, weighing 10 and 13 pounds respectively (4.5 kg and 5.9 kg). RC Transmitter Battery

A123RC said that it developed the new products were developed in response to the constant innovation of the eBike industry, which has been driving the development of a growing variety of high-performance electric bikes. The 15 Ah battery provides up to 2 kW of power, while the 20 amp-hour model tops out at 2.4 kW.

A123RC's batteries are based on the company's proprietary thermal management technology, a composite material made of graphite and phase change material (PCM). By absorbing and conducting heat away from the lithium-ion cells, A123RC's PCM plays the same role that complicated liquid cooling systems perform in today's electric cars, but at a fraction of the cost.

As a result of the thermal management which other electric bike batteries do not offer A123RC's batteries last 50% - 100% longer than analogous competitive batteries, according to the company. As batteries get larger, the thermal management challenge grows, which is why A123RC is the only company able to offer such high-capacity 48 volt batteries with high energy density.
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