TCS Server Management

This is a big collection of questions asked in interviews in different Domains.

TCS Server Management

Unread postby rajeevmahura » Thu Jul 10, 2008 12:30 pm

These all interview questions were asked in interview in TCS

what is AD?

what are GPO and why do we use them?

What is DNS?
DNS means Domain Name Server in a server technology it is a concept which is used to resolve the IP of machine to its domain name and vice versa. It a hard to remaimber all computers IP in a mind hence we use domain name.

What is RAID?

maximum how many drives can be cofigured in RAID 1?

can we configure raid 1 with two different capacity hdds?

How much space can be used in case of RAID 5 with 3 and 4 hdds?

what is SAN?

what is the difference between SAN and NAS?

what is MPIO?

what is Zoning?

My LTO's all LEDs are glowing, whats the problem and ho do we solve this?

What is the difference between a switch and router?

How do we prepare a cross over cable for networking?

if any have the correct answers plz share with us.
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